We've all seen them - everything from those cool license plates that say 'R8CR' or the sweet ones that say 'HIS' and 'HERS'. Meanwhile, we're stuck with those not as fun combinations of numbers and letters that blend in to the rest of the cars driving down I-20.

But now our luck is changing! MyPlates, the company behind those witty plates and designs, is giving you a chance to get your hands on one of the most popular and valuable license plates in the state of Texas.

It's called the Great Plate Auction, and it's an opportunity for you to snag one of 8 rare license plate numbers for sale. The lowest plate on offer in the auction and one of the most popular numbers in sports, made famous by Michael Jordan is the number 23. The number 24, honoring the late and great Kobe Bryant, is also up for auction.

Looking for something more car related? Then Porsche owners should take a look at 911, and for the custom car owners, there’s 1960.

You can also tap in to your inner Prince lover, and party like it's 1999.

“Numbers hold a special place in Texas’ license plate history, and this auction will give Texans the opportunity to own a rare piece of history,” said Steve Farrar, President of My Plates. “There are a lot of unique, clever, fun and interesting plate messages available, and through the auction, Texans have an opportunity to secure one."

The My Plates Great Plate Auction will be online-only and may be accessed via www.myplates.com/auction.

So just how much do these plates typically go for? Check out the previous auction results for a few popular plates:

  • 12THMAN sold for $115,000 in September 2013, making it the most expensive plate message in Texas.
  • HOUSTON sold for $25,000 in January 2013.
  • 3 sold for $20,500 in May 2019.
  • 8 sold for $10,500 in November 2018.
  • ALAMO sold for $10,250 in March 2016.
  • 99 sold for $9,000 in April 2018
  • 1969 sold for $5,250 in August 2017.

So, you may have to have a few things in order if you're a sports fan in Texas. Over $100,000 is a commitment!

Other Texas plates up for grabs include 'BEEVO' (for the greatest alma mater there ever was), and 'GIGEMM' (well, yeah).

You have until October 21 to secure your bid!

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