Snakes - something I'm not too fond of! They're ok, as long as they're away from me! If I were walking through the woods like Jerry David was doing, I would not have seen the snake he saw! This snake is hard to see because it's camouflaged in the leaves on the ground. After staring at the picture he took of it, it is still hard for me to see, until it's pointed out and then it's like, WOW, I never would have seen that.

Did you spot it? How long did it take you to find it? Did you find it at all? I couldn't see the slithery thing!  

SPOILER ALERT - the answer is coming up next!

Thankfully Helen outlined the snake for us in the following Twitter post:

Ok, I bet you see it now! I did and after looking at the original pic, it's honestly still kind of hard to see! According to Wide Open Pets, the snake in the pic is a copperhead that is venomous and is mainly found in the eastern parts of the U.S. Be careful on the outdoor trails!

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