This will be the greatest video you see today. Remember that prison escapee that busted out of his transport van and made a run for it in Tyler, TX last week? Well, there's a new video from the attempted escape that you've got to see. Headsup, there's cussing.

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Last week an inmate was being transported from the north jail to the downtown central jail facility in Tyler. When the transport van stopped at a red light on Gentry Parkway and Parkdale, that's when the inmate made his move; kicking the passenger side window out and thus began the greatest short-lived escape that would have all of Texas laughing.

Authorities have captured a Smith County inmate after he broke out of a transport van in Tyler. Sheriff Larry Smith says the inmate was being transported from the low-risk facility to the downtown jail when he broke out the van’s window. The inmate later broke into two houses on Wisteria Drive before he was captured. - KLTV

From our original story and initial viral video, "shows the inmate taking off after jumping out of a window of the transport van, running on foot, and jumping a fence, all while still handcuffed. After jumping that fence, he eventually broke into two homes in a nearby neighborhood."

So what happens when our intrepid fugitive makes it to the nearby neighborhood? That's where our new vide picks up.

Dude probably should've thought this one through better. Hasn't he ever seen Harrison Ford in "The Fugitive"? You gotta dye your hair, shave your beard, and change your clothes immediately.

You've also gotta be willing to jump from a dam like 200 feet high. That's just the commitment it takes. Remember he looked like a rag doll jumping? Priceless.

Thankfully no one was hurt. Chappelle was originally booked into the Smith County Jail on Dec. 26 for a criminal mischief worth between $2,500 and $30,000 charge in Lindale, according to jail records but now he will also face charges of escaping custody and two counts of burglary of a home.

The new bond amounts are $200,000 for the charge of escape, $750,000 for the first count of burglary of a habitation and $350,000 for the second burglary count bringing his grand total to over $1.3 MILLION on charges.

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