Its fun to look on real estate websites and check out homes that are obviously way out of our price range and dream. Sometimes, those homes could give us an idea to improve a corner of our existing home. Sometimes, those homes can give us an idea of what not to do if we get to a point to sell our home. This large farmhouse in Hillsboro, Texas is very beautiful but the presentation inside is very cluttered and messy.

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Let's Take a Look at the Good Stuff First

There is a lot to love about this Hillsboro farm home that I ran across on There's lots of land, 103 acres to be exact. The home itself is 7,600 square feet spread amongst two floors with a very open design on the bottom floor. The home has a series of solar panels which will certainly come in handy being in a rural area. There are 16 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. There is easy access to I-35 West if you are wanting to head to Dallas and you're just a few minutes from Hillsboro itself.

So This is the Part That was a Bit of a Turn Off

It seems no time was spent in getting the inside of the home presentation worthy. And maybe its just my own personal optics but there is a lot of open space inside but its very cluttered and, in a couple of spots, messy. One room has what looks like ATV tires next to the bed with two very large breaker boxes on the far wall. Another room actually looks very nice with the exception of a corner with a random filing cabinet and a very messy closet next to it. There's one of the bathrooms that is very nice but the counter has toiletries and other sundry items scattered about.

How I Would De-Clutter This Home

The home is selling for $1,499,000 which I think is a good price. One of the first things I would do is de-clutter the home to make that very open layout on the bottom floor more open. Several of the other rooms would get a makeover or just repurposed for something else. But again, this is just my humble opinion. I can look past this bad presentation and see the beauty of this farm house and I'm sure you can too.

This Hillsboro, Texas Home is Beautiful but the Presentation Inside the Home is Messy and Cluttered

When searching homes on a realtor's website, presentation is everything. The presentation for this beautiful Hillsboro home is very messy and cluttered.

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