We are in the midst of October and the scares abound not only in East Texas, but across the state. If you're looking for a weekend trip to have a scary good time with your friends, heading to Houston could be just the trip. Houston ScreamFest is more than just a haunted house, it is a full on carnival with live music, games, food, paintball zombie hunts and more.

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If I need a good scare, a scary movie just isn't going to do it. Mainly because today's horror movies just aren't that scary. They rely too much on jump scares or gore or boring, made up hauntings that I'm just not scared. However, a haunted house with some good actors moving room to room not knowing what's next is a great experience, at least for me.

As I look at houstonhauntedhouses.com, there are five themed haunted houses to check out. I would want to go through each one but the Sanitarium, The Graveyard and Texas Chainsaw Maze would get multiple visits from me. After that, I would have to load up a paintball gun and shoot some zombies in The Zombie Hunt. I could then relax with some great food and try to win a stuffed animal or two in The Midway.

Personally, I would love to take a weekend and check this place out. They are open into November. If I'm able to experience it, that may be when I could go. Yeah, it's after Halloween and the focus will turn to Thanksgiving and Christmas but a good scare is a good scare. If your calendar is less full, get your friends together and check out Houston ScreamFest.

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