This month is a crazy one if you look to the skies. It has nothing to do with astronauts.

Instead, it's all about the Sun, and the Moon.

There will be an eclipse twice in the month of June. If you're going by "lunar month" (full moon to full moon) we'll have three.

The first eclipse will be the Penumblar Lunar Eclipse. This one is scheduled to happen this Friday. This type of eclipse is easy to mistake for a full moon. It happens when the Moon passes through the outer part of the Earth's shadow.

The second eclipse to take place this month will be the Annular Solar Eclipse that takes place on June 21. A solar eclipse is the one where the Moon covers the center of the Sun, giving us the "ring of fire" effect.

Unfortunately, these won't be visible in Texas. They will be primarily visible over Africa, Europe, Asia, and parts of South America.

The next eclipse we might be able to see will be the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse that happens on July 4.

One astrology website I looked at warns all "celestial beings" to expect the unexpected during this time. While I don't necessarily put much stock into the guidance and messages from "the stars," it does give me a chuckle.

My wife and I are expecting our baby boy to be born any day now, and with multiple eclipses, a pandemic, asteroids flying by, and murder hornets; I'm just glad we aren't naming him Damien.

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