The Super Bowl brings in big money from ticket prices, ads and even down to the concessions sold at the game. The "Big Game" generates "Big Bucks"! It's mind-boggling. Even the Super Bowl rings will cost an estimated $6,000, and are worth far more as collectors' items. (By the way, the average NFL salary in 1958, was $10,000.)

So, whether your at the game, or watching the game at home, here is some of the costs for Super Bowl XLVII :

As of yesterday, Stub Hub still had some Super Bowl tickets anywhere from cheapest seats in the terraces on the far end of the field. for  $1,249. The average ticket price, $1,600. But for those of you who want to watch the game in luxury, a suite will set you back an astounding $112,944 to $315,916. By the way, tickets for the first Super Bowl maxed out at $12.

So, you're gonna need a hotel room, and right now every room within 4 miles of the Superdome is sold out, except for the Sun Suites on the outskirts of New Orleans, where limited rooms are available and start at around $400 a night. There some homes you can rent for $15,000 a night, if you're interested.

You must get a Super Bowl souvenir and pig-out eat right? Plan to spend at least  eat at the game, right? Expect to spend big time at concessions, and for merchandise - $68 a person. That's up from $63.87 last year and $59.33 the year before.

That's a little to steep for me, so I'll stay at home and just have a Super Bowl party with all my friends. Sounds great, but this year, it'll cost you. Last year, Americans ate 1.25 billion chicken wings and more than 15,000 tons of chips for a cost of $55 million on food and $237 million on soft drinks. Experts have estimated it's a $3 tab per Super Bowl viewer.

Even if you aren't throwing a huge Super Bowl party and just plan on chillin' with some friends and ordering pizza. Get ready to tip well and wait in line, cause Super Bowl Sunday is the  number one day pizza sales day of the year. Domino's and Pizza Hut expect to see sales go up by as much as 50 percent over a typical Sunday, based on figures from the last Super Bowl. Drivers who normally earn a $2 tip for delivering your pie to your front door, expect up to $20 on Super Bowl Sunday. ( I 'm in the wrong business)

Pizza Hut prepped for the game by stocking up on more than 1,000 tons of dough and 90,000 gallons of marinara sauce. Among the toppings, pepperoni was tops; roughly 80 percent of orders placed were for pepperoni.

Here's a fun fact, the Super Bowl is said to be biggest non-holiday eating day of the year, and second only to Thanksgiving.

Now let's talk beverages - a lot of beverages. Of course, beer ads are a big part of the Super Bowl as well as the game itself. Last year, CNBC reported around 53 million cases of beer were sold in the 2 weeks surrounding the game. That's close to half a case per person that watched the game.

If you are one of wealthy and bought commercial time during the Super Bowl, you will spend on average $4 million for a 30-second commercial, so make it brilliant! Compared to the cost of an ad in the very first Super Bowl in 1967 which went for $42,000.

I guess we could go on and on, but I think you get the point. We love our football and we love to party, no matter what it costs! Happy Super Bowl kids!