Sometimes we all need to treat ourselves. After a long day at work, a rough time in life, or we just want to do something special for ourselves; there will come a time when going to the nail salon is the best idea. Here is how you can make sure your experience of getting your nails done can be great. 

I recently tried out a new nail polish that gives your finger nails the feel of being crushed velvet. It was fun, a bit messy, but fun. That is, until I needed to take the fuzzy nail polish off. I fought long and hard to bring my nails back from the velvety weird. I stood defeated. Then, I realized I hadn't gone to the nail salon in a long time. Why not treat myself? They could fix this nail disaster and I could have a nice afternoon. So, to the nail salon I travelled.

Though getting my nails done was a nice experience, it could have been better. I decided that I would help all of you ensure a great salon experience. Learn from my lessons and make the best out of your trip.

1. Calm Down on the Coffee

The day I went to the nail salon I made a HUGE mistake. I had chugged down about four coffees before I got to the salon. This was a recipe for disaster.

The first problem with this coffee consumption was that my hands would not stop shaking. No matter how hard I concentrated on keeping them still, I could not control my shaky hands. This made it difficult for the nail technician to get the paint on my nails with perfection. I had to keep apologizing that every time I stuck my nails in the UV drying pods that I would end up hitting a side wall and chipping off paint.

The second issue that came from this terrible decision to drink enough coffee to keep an army awake for days was that I needed the washroom really bad. But, you can't step away for a quick bathroom break when your nail polish is time sensitive and your nails are wet. You are stuck there squirming in your chair waiting for the sweet relief of having full freedom to your hands again.

Make sure before you hit the salon that you use the restroom and that you haven't ingested a gallon of any drink that will make you need it again for a while.

2. Choose Your Color Wisely

I was in an odd mood when I entered that nail salon. I was feeling a bit more adventurous than normal about my nail color. Perhaps it was the coffee, maybe it was because the sun was shining. Either way, I chose the brightest of bright colors to decorate my nails for the next coming weeks.

Instead of choosing a color a bit more muted and "normal" I decided to go al out into crazy town.These nails look like Lady Gaga was guiding me through  Rainbow Bright episode. I have no idea why I thought this would match any thing I will wear for the next 14-20 days. The outrageous color didn't even match was I was wearing when I got the darn color on my nails.

Ladies, chose wisely. This is a decision you have to live with for a while and there is no good way to hide your nails for that long.

3. Bring a Friend

I am, by no means, saying I did not enjoy the company of the ladies working the nail salon when I ventured in by myself. They were pleasant enough. But, I wish I had brought a friend with me to chit chat with.

I spent most of the hour I was there in total silence, except for when I was apologizing for my dancing hands. This silence made the experience of getting my nails done feel like it took forever. I am not the most patient of people, as I am sure some of you might suffer from as well, so this boredom made me question why I came in the first place.

Bring a good friend or even one you would like to get to know for your next nail salon trip. Trust me, sitting there literally watching paint dry is not much fun.

I wish you all the best of experiences for your next nail salon trip. I hope that you can learn from my stupidity and actually get a fully enjoyable experience. Make sure to mind these three rules and you will have a grand time getting your nails done.