How other people drive always amazes me. I do consider myself a good driver who is always aware of my surroundings and courteous to the other drivers on the road. I paid attention in drivers education and still follow it to this day. That's why I wanted to offer some tips to give you a smaller headache while driving two of the busiest roads in Tyler, Texas.

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Loop 323

There are a lot of traffic lights on Loop 323 which means a lot of stop and go traffic. I'm sure when the loop was originally built, it was not expected to have the amount of businesses that currently line it. But, some people want to treat it like 635 in Dallas.

I get it, I don't want to drive 45 either, but some portions of the loop have a speed limit of 45. If you are of those impatient drivers that wants to swerve in and out of those going the speed limit, you do realize you are just making it worse for yourself. You still have to start and stop with the traffic lights and you will get caught in a bundle of cars. Just have some patience and you will get where you are going, as frustrating as it may be.

South Broadway

South Broadway is constantly packed. We all know that. I find it very entertaining, though, when I see drivers getting upset because of the predicaments they put themselves in.

I'll Explain

Broadway is three lanes. Some people want to travel in the right lane and think it's the fastest route. The right lane is for turning into businesses or for the city bus to pick up passengers. If you stay in that lane, you will have to start and stop. A LOT. Use the middle lane if you are just passing through. Your headache won't be as bad, trust me.

Blocking an Intersection

There is also a rule from driver's education that a number of people have forgotten. If you have a green light at an intersection, but traffic is backed up to the point that you would be stopped in the intersection, you have to treat it like a red light and stop at the solid white line. Don't block the intersection.

Bonus Driving Observation

I don't follow the made up law of driving five miles over the speed limit. Why? Because I have been pulled over and ticketed TWICE for it. TWICE. Its a myth that needs to go away and is very dangerous to follow. Just because you've not been caught doing it doesn't mean that its law.

It's just a couple of suggestions but I promise if you try them out, your commute will be a bit easier.

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