As a child, one of the most exciting things ever was when my parents said we could order pizza for dinner that night - but now that I'm older, why should that excitement not be the same? Fortunately, I've got a few ideas to try to make it as exciting as it used to be.

Now that the Internet has essentially taken over the world and you can place pizza orders online, it makes it really easy to add special delivery instructions...which already sounds like fun, does it not? This does require you to be a little creative with the instructions, but if all else fails you can ask them to draw a funny picture on the box. Like a fire-breathing dragon or cat on roller skates.

If you're feeling really adventurous, why not have the pizza people send you a funny selfie when they arrive at the door rather than calling or ringing the doorbell? It would be hilarious and you might even make a new friend in the process.

There is also the cinema classic of having ordering a pizza with words on it made of candy. And although the most popular words are usually, "I'm sorry," you could easily choose a more pleasant phrase!

Lastly, try focusing on your delivery person. If you have any way of knowing what your delivery person's name is, why not make them a welcome sign to hang on your door! It will make them feel special and then they can take it home with them in addition to their tip! Or you could mix it up a little and have a choreographed dance prepared for them when you open the door like these guys did:

Of course, these are only a few ideas for making pizza ordering more fun, if you have your own ideas feel free to share them in the comments below!