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As a connoisseur of both the dankest memes and delicious soft serve ice cream, I'm a tremendous fan of "ice cream machine broke" memes. These are nothing new, of course, so they've morphed into the finest internet weirdness over time, including "refrys" of the Shaq template, and this one I just really love in particular:


The truth is, the ice cream machine is likely not broken per se, but rather broken down for cleaning:

The main reason is that the McDonald’s ice cream machines take a really long time to clean, taking up to four hours to sanitize—and it has to be done every single day. When the machines are in the process of being cleaned, they can’t serve ice cream. And, when the staff is busy handling food and beverage order, no one has the time to tend to the laborious machine.

Regardless, if you happen to be civic-minded, you can let your fellow ice cream lover know what to expect by reporting "broken" machines to this genius website, mcbroken.com.

As of the writing of this article, it looks like Slaton is currently ice cream-less, but that the rest of Lubbock is operational.

It should be noted that is October and currently hella cold outside, but I understand a craving is a craving. If the ice cream machine is broke, may I suggest the pumpkin cream pie? It's outrageously delicious. And I will always, always love McDonald's for having $1 large Diet Dr. Peppers, that is a kindness I could never forget.

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