We have some hard-working and caring law enforcement officials in Texas. These men and women put their life on the line to keep our communities safe. While they don’t get the same kind of recognition that they once received, it’s still very important to show these individuals how much we truly appreciate what they do each day. But there are some police codes that are commonly used in Texas that would be good for everyone to know what they mean.  

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There is a website called Police-Codes.com that goes into the specifics of each state and then you can narrow it down further to know more about the police codes used by specific sheriff’s offices or local law enforcement agencies. It’s a fascinating website for anyone who is interested in law enforcement. While I am never going to be a police officer myself, I find the career interesting, so I wanted to share some of the common police codes with you.  

Codes Being Used Across Texas 

As mentioned above there are some specific codes that are used for certain areas but for this specific article, I wanted to focus on police codes used all over Texas by the Texas Department of Public Safety.  

What Police Codes Should All Texans Know? 

Hopefully you never need to use these codes in any sort of emergency situation but in case you do, here is a look at some of the most common police codes and what exactly they mean when being used by the Texas Department of Public Safety.  

Common Texas Police Codes You Should Know

These are very common police codes used by the Texas Department of Public Safety officers when they are on duty.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

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