With less and less mall traffic due to people shopping online, Tyler will lose another store in Broadway Square. Macy's, which has been open since 2005 but  the building has had historic ties to the city since 1981, announced its closure recently and now Wet Seal, also located in Broadway Square will be closing. In fact, the company is closing all 171 of its stores nationwide.

The teen apparel retailer released a letter dated from January 20, notifying employees that the headquarters in California is shutting down and the the company will be laying off all workers.

According to Yahoo Finance, Wet Seal closed 338 stores in January of 2015.

The Limited, which is another women's clothing store and had a retailer in Tyler shut down all 250 of its stores earlier in January.

Does everyone shop at Amazon now? Let's just hope this trend doesn't hurt our local businesses. You can't replicate local with online shopping, but that's just my idealistic opinion.

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