Whether you love roller coasters, horror movies, or sports, everyone has some way they enjoy getting an adrenaline rush.  

There is something so human about wanting to feel your heart beat faster, break a sweat, and feel your brain run a mile a minute. We love the feeling, and many people will even put themselves in danger to feel it.  

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A way that I like to get a bit of that feeling without scaring, harming, or mentally messing with myself, is through spicy food. In small amounts it can be a mild and enjoyable experience with just a slight burn, but in extreme cases, it can really kick your fight or flight into gear.  

Many restaurants capitalize on this sensation, knowing thrill-seekers will try it out. One Texas restaurant has specialized in making extra hot chicken tenders that actually require a waiver to be signed begore eating. 

The restaurant is Houston TX Hot Chicken, and they have several locations across the U.S., including Houston, Texas itself. Their hottest option is called ‘Houston, We Have a Problem’, and is spiced with Scorpion Pepper and Carolina Reaper.   

Viral food critic, Keith Lee, tried this crazy chicken tender in a TikTok video and rated it a 10 out of 10 on his spice chart. He even worked up to the spiciest one with five other tenders, increasing in spice as they went on.  

I don’t know about you, but I like to eat spicy food to a certain level, but not an extreme like this. Once it’s only painful and no longer enjoyable, I don’t want it. But I don’t think it could be a fun thing to try at least once for that rush that comes with it.

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