A few thoughts on this video.

First, it's great when Texas food is introduced to those who have never tried it and they like it. These lovely Irish folks sure did.

Second, it's ridiculous when we try to do an Irish accent, it's ridiculous when they try to do a Texas accent.

Third, what the hell is mushroom soup? I'm a lifelong Texan and have never heard of it.

Fourth, I don't know what they had in that chili. I saw the dollops of sour cream but no cheese or onions? And that meat was pretty chunky, too. At least it didn't have beans.

Overall, there were some good selections. Instead of the pecan pie (it's pronounced pe-con, not pe-can by the way) though, why not Blue Bell? Should've had a Whataburger and fries, too.

Good stuff. And thanks for making me hungry, Youtube.

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