There is no gray area when it comes to a discussion involving In-N-Out Burger, it's either the greatest burger you've ever had or the grossest food you've ever put in your mouth. I've tried In-N-Out Burger once and to sum it up, it wasn't terrible and worth a visit every couple months or so, but nowhere near the quality or taste of Whataburger. It's long been rumored that In-N-Out Burger is coming to Tyler, Texas. I reached out and got an answer that still doesn't necessarily confirm nor deny.

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In-N-Out Burger Speculation

I went down this path after seeing a post in the All Things Longview Facebook group. That post showed a picture of a Tyler Morning Telegraph article talking about In-N-Out Burger coming to Tyler. The only issue with this was that the article was from 2017. The thing is, In-N-Out Burger did purchase a lot in front of The Village at Cumberland Park and they still own that lot today. You can easily find the information when searching property records with the City of Tyler.

City of Tyler
City of Tyler

I Decided it was Time to Get a Definitive Answer

Why does In-N-Out Burger own this lot but still has not built yet? Will they ever build here? Was Tyler on the list of new locations but something fell through?

I reached out the company that manages The Village at Cumberland Park and asked those questions. Surprisingly, I got a short statement within about four hours from the Assistant Vice President of Real Estate and Development with In-N-Out Burger through their Marketing Communications Specialist.

Currently, we do not have any plans to open a restaurant in Tyler, but we do know it’s a wonderful community. Thanks again for checking in with us. - Mike Abbate, Assistant Vice President, Real Estate and Development

That's it. I guess you can say that they are not denying their intentions to bring a store to Tyler but it certainly doesn't confirm anything, either. I responded back with a "Thank you" and let them know I would like to be added to their media mailing list so maybe I could get a press release or something if they do decide to build here. We'll see. If they do, I will be one of the first, if not THE first, to confirm In-N-Out Burger will be coming to Tyler.

Until then, the fast food company will continue to pay city taxes on a lot they own that is nothing but grass.

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