Look, I'm a chill dude. Not a whole lot upsets me or gets me fired up. The couple of things that do get me fired up are when people try to preach to me that I should follow a certain political faction or political view and when people decide that following the rules of the road doesn't apply to them.

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I have to traverse South Broadway in Tyler everyday because of where I live. And everyday, I see someone, or multiple someones, who never listened in driver's ed. For instance, South Broadway is not 635 in Dallas. It's 45 mph with people turning into businesses every 20 feet. If you think driving 60 mph is feasible then you just need to pump the brakes.

What was one of the first rules we learned in driver's ed? If you approach an intersection and the light is green but traffic is backed up to where you will be stopped in the intersection, you must stop at the line before entering the intersection. If traffic clears, then you can move through. I see it everyday, someone ignores this, gets caught because of the red light and blocks the other lane from moving through on their green light.

You cannot increase your speed until you pass the posted speed limit sign. Just because you see it, doesn't mean you can accelerate to that speed. You also must slow to the posted speed limit before you pass the speed limit sign.

"There's no cop so it doesn't matter." That attitude points to you and, frankly, it's the wrong attitude.

"You can go five miles over the speed limit." By law, no you can't. "But my cousin told me that cops won't pull you over for that." Based on what? An officer was lenient with you once? Me, personally, I've been pulled over and ticketed twice for going five miles over the speed limit. It's the worse myth of traffic laws and needs to go away.

I was sitting in the turn lane on South Broadway a couple of weeks ago. There was a group of guys in the left turn lane, I was in the right, the driver turned his wheels and made an attempt to jump the curb to turn into On The Border. If traffic hadn't started moving South, he would have done it. Why would this driver think that is okay? Just wait like everyone else to u-turn.

Bottom line, I wish those with the attitude of "get out my way" would take just one day to get over their arrogance behind the wheel and follow the rules and realize it's not worth it. You're driving a two ton weapon and ignoring everyone else on the road because you just want to get there five minutes faster is going to get someone seriously hurt eventually.

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