So yeah, Fall started Monday morning (September 23). That doesn't mean that it automatically falls to 65 degrees outside and the leaves start crunching under our feet. Nope. Summer keeps a tight grip on East Texas until the very last moment. That moment is Thanksgiving, and sometimes, not even then.

Those that throw around their pumpkin spice flavorings and orange and yellow decorations are just kidding themselves. The AC is still set on 72 in the house because 90 degrees still exists outside.

There has been many a Halloween nights trick or treating where the sweat from walking around just destroys the creepy makeup. Actually, it kinda makes the creepy look a little better.

That Fall feeling won't make it here until around the time we gather as a family and carve those delicious turkeys. And even then, only a light sweater will do the trick.

So yeah, fool yourself all you want with your Fall festivities, but Summer will stay until we get that arctic front the first week of December that will drop us from 85 to 41 degrees in one afternoon.

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