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I can't believe there is still a functioning number that you can call to get the time and temperature.

What lead to this discovery was several of us were talking about a few articles I've written over the past few weeks. One was what Tyler looked like a decade ago as compared to today and another was what restaurants used to be in Tyler and Longview that we would like to see make a come back. That lead to others bringing up older things about Tyler and one was the phone number that you could call to get the time and temperature.

Growing up in the metroplex, we had the same kind of thing, we could call the number and the lady, which was a computer voice, at Grand Prairie State Bank would give you the time and temperature along with a brief forecast. This was way before modern technology was doing it for you all the time. Of course back then you could simply look at your watch (if you wore one) to see what time it was, but you didn't know the temperature.

Today all you need is your cell phone and a weather app and you have all of this information in the palm of your hand. But talking about this nostalgic thing got us thinking...

Does the time and temperature phone number still work for Tyler?

We gave it a shot and called 903.592.8111 and it worked. In addition to time and temperature, they also gave us a weather forecast just like my old bank did in Grand Prairie - although this forecast was out of date by four days. Someone has forgotten to update it.

So if you ever lose your phone and you need to know the time and temperature, you can always call 903.352.8111.

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