It's Homecoming time in East Texas and that means football games, dances and mums.

If you haven't ordered your Homecoming mums by now, it's too late -- you must make your own. Yikes, I have no clue how to make a mum, so I'm in a bit of a  predicament. After begging my friends and even some strangers, to help me out, I find myself facing one of my biggest fears, crafts! I am the least "craftiest" person on the planet -- are you kidding me. My daughter, Chloe, informed me last week that she is going to Homecoming and that she needs a garter mum for the boy! A what? Evidently things have changed since I was a high school student in the eighties, the boys now  get in on a little "mum"  action too. So I make the dreaded trek to Hobby Lobby - not the place  for someone 'un-crafty' like myself.

My first call to action, was to find someone that looks like they know what they are doing, the second, to act really ignorant on the making of a mum (not too hard to achieve) and third, to go in for the kill! I found a "live one" and preceeded to hang on her every word. Okay, I thought, I can do this. So I started gathering all the necessary items and headed to home to begin the process of making a Mum Garter for Chloe's "friend boy" for Homecoming. I told my Mother that I was making a garter mum, and she is still laughing! Lord, what we do for our children, right?

I'm not finished with my so-called creation, but I'll let you know when I am. So keep checking in.

I did find these "How To" videos that may help you if you find yourself  in a pickle like me!

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