With the second round of March Madness starting tomorrow, time is running out for you to fill out your own bracket for the year. And if you need some bragging rights or some drinks on your friends you might want to get to work.

There are 64 teams and if you're lucky you could predict all the right winners to earn all kinds of bragging rights. I think it's worth a shot anyway.

Whether you're an avid basketball fan or you just like to prove your friends wrong, you need to get your bracket ready to go (here's where you need to go for that). Personally, I love basketball but don't keep up with the stats or anything relevant to who will win the championship...so I just chose the teams I liked best. But whose to say I won't still guess the winning teams? After all, it's a 50/50 shot for the first round of games anyway!

So grab some friends, set some wagers and get your bracket done before it's too late! Oh, and enjoy the madness that is sure to ensue.

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