I've become totally obsessed with something, and I must share it with you!

In November, a friend and I stepped out of our comfort zone. We had been walking together weekly on Sunday mornings, but as the weather has gotten colder and yuckier we knew we needed a new option.

Fortunately for us, I stumbled onto a free class at a local yoga studio. I had practiced about three years ago for about a month and really enjoyed it. I was intimidated, but I had a buddy doing it with me. For various reasons we stopped going, and I stopped practicing.

Fast forward to this past summer. I came across a series of videos in an app that I decided to try. I had tried once or twice about a year ago, but didn't commit. This summer, I committed to 3 weeks of daily practice at home.

I was amazed at how fast I improved. After three weeks, I did the whole series again.. Yes, I enjoyed it that much! I found a few flows that I liked better than others, and began doing those almost daily.

Then in November, my friend and I went to the free class. It kicked out butt. The flows I had been doing at home were about 30 minutes, and the class was an hour. Wow! I felt it the next day, but was excited to go again.

December rolled around, and a different friend decided to try it with me. This time we signed up. I was back the next day with the first friend, and she signed up, too. The three of us have been going consistently ever since.

I'm obsessed. I'm going almost daily. There were a few days while on vacation that I actually went twice. I have already been taking steps to improve my health through nutrition, but this will help me take it to the next level!

Cheers to better health in 2018!


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