Maybe it's because I've lived in East Texas my whole life. Maybe it's because I don't like to wear a lot of clothes. Maybe it's just because winter is depressing. But I can't stand cold weather.

For me, cold means below 55.

However, and I think it just goes back to living in East Texas my whole life, when the rare opportunity pops up for snow, I get excited.

There's a beauty to the trees covered in snow. There's fun in building a snowman. If there's enough, I'm not opposed to building a fort for a snowball fight.

So when the cold front moved through, I was a little jealous that all the snow went South of us in East Texas. San Antonio, College Station, Houston - it's even rarer for snow to fall there then in East Texas.

Look at this video from Kyle Field in College Station.


Even Santa took a small break and visited the Alamo during the winter fun.

And JJ Watt, who is from Wisconsin where winter snow is the norm, was excited.

Folks in deep East Texas did get a nice dusting, too. Enough to delay the opening of some of the schools.

Our time for snow will come, I'm sure. And until it does, I'll be cussing the cold weather.

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