Spring officially begins Tuesday, March 19th but the pollen is already falling in Tyler, Texas.  However, the big pollen bomb hasn't dropped yet.

There's no doubt that you've seen it starting to accumulate on the hood and windshield of your vehicle in Dallas, Texas, and Houston, Texas as well as Longview, Texas - that light green film - known as pollen. Trees are producing pollen right now and it's only going to get worse over the next few weeks before it gets better.

People all across East Texas are accustomed to the evergreens and other trees producing pollen and see it covering everything outdoors. For those that are new to Texas, talking to you ex-Californians and you ex-New Englanders too, welcome to Texas pollen season where if you didn't suffer from allergies before, you might now.

Spring allergy symptoms

Here are some signs that you could suffer from spring allergies: (Yale Medicine)

  • itchy red eyes
  • runny nose
  • sneezing
  • coughing
  • congestion
  • post nasal drip
  • fatigue
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Tips to keep pollen away

If you have any of those symptoms, you may have seasonal allergies and you'll be looking for some relief. Here are some ways to limit your exposure to pollen and reduce your symptoms to give you some relief and feel better:

  • keep your windows closed - at home and in your car
  • change your clothes often - pollen is attracted to your clothing fibers
  • shower at night - this will get the days' pollen off of you
  • keep pets off the bed
  • pets - give them a bath to get pollen out of their fur coat
  • stock up on over-the-counter allergy medication
  • wear a mask for those who are hyper-sensitive
  • use HEPA filters in your HVAC system

If your allergies are getting the best of you with no relief, seek out medical advice from a doctor who may be able to prescribe a stronger antihistamine, nasal spray, or oral decongestant that could loosen things up and help get you some much-needed relief.

Hopefully, these tips will lessen the severity of your seasonal allergies.

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