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George Eliot once said, "Don't judge a book by its cover." I guess the same could be said for restaurants in Longview, Texas too. Judging a restaurant from its outer appearance and the pictures you see online on social media can be quite deceiving. If the place you've picked out for lunch or that romantic dinner looks fancy, it can turn out to be a huge letdown. While that hole-in-the-wall place with all the potholes in the parking lot could be serving up the best meal you've ever eaten.

No matter what your tastebuds are craving, Longview restaurants are offering up a wide variety of cuisines, from hamburgers, Italian, French, chicken, Greek, breakfast, bakery, steaks, sandwiches, seafood, and more. Operating one of these restaurants is a monumental task daily.

I've always heard, that unless you've worked in a restaurant, you will never know what it takes to operate, staff, and serve up food. I believe that to be true. There is so much you have to worry about with priority number one being food safety. You have to make sure the food is prepared and held at the proper temperatures or else you could get someone sick. If that were to happen, it's a good chance you're going to be bashed on social media.

To make sure restaurants are compliant and meet established rules and expectations, they're often visited by the local health department. During an inspection, everything in the restaurant is scrutinized. From the conditions of the prep counter to the drain in the sink, paper towels in the restroom, baseboards the temperature of the freezer and so much more.  Restaurant managers have to be prepared and know what's happening at all times.

Longview Health Department Inspection Results

In the latest round of health inspections within the City Of Longview every single restaurant that was inspected, passed with a grade of an 'A'. There might have been some minor infractions, but nothing bad enough to score below an 'A'.

Congratulations to these Longview area restaurants for their excellent grade. Let's hope that future inspections of all the other restaurants in Longview receive the same grade too!

The Latest Round Of Health Inspections In Longview Is Shocking (01.20.23)

When the Longview Health Department stopped by for an inspection of these Longview area restaurants, every single one of them passed with an 'A'! There might have been some minor issues, but nothing all that bad to get anything less than an 'A'!

Gallery Credit: Lucky Larry, Mix 93-1

These 8 Tyler Area Restaurants Had Issues With Health Inspection (01.08.24)

After being inspected by NET Health, these Tyler-Smith County area restaurants had violations that needed to be addressed. Tap on any restaurant name to view the official inspection report from NET Health.

NET Health grades restaurants on a demerit system. The lower the score the better the inspection. Restaurants strive for a '0', but these restaurants missed the mark during their last inspection.

NET Health Violation Points
The total number of points on the report total 100.
0-10 Demerits = A
11-20 Demerits = B
21-25 Demerits = C
26-30 Demerits = D
31+ Demerits = F

Gallery Credit: Lucky Larry, Mix 93-1

Take A Look At These Longview Area Restaurant Inspection Reports (10.16.23)

Longview area restaurants were recently paid a visit by the health inspector. Find out how your local favorites performed on their latest inspection.

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Take A Look At These Longview Area Restaurant Inspection Reports (09.25.23)

Here is a listing of the latest grades and inspection reports by the Longview Environmental Health Department's Food Service department. They're inspecting more than restaurants. Anywhere food is served is up for inspection.

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Any Of These 12 Longview Restaurants Fail Their Last Inspection? 09.12.23

Let's take a look at the latest food service inspection report from Longview from September 4 - 12th.

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