Crime Never Takes A Day Off No Matter If You're In Houston Or Tyler And Law Enforcement Is Always Working To Get Criminals Off The Street.

The Smith County Sheriff's Office has been working hard on an investigation involving stolen property and thanks to their hard work, 2 men are now in custody while a third is on the run.

Smith County Sheriff’s Investigators were assigned to a theft case that was reported on December 7, 2023.

Smith County
Smith County

On Tuesday, February 27, 2024, Smith County Investigators went to serve a search warrant at a residence located at 2119 W. Elm in Tyler that belonged to 28 year old Jacob Dell Tadlock.

Tadlock was observed outside the residence, but fled when he observed uniformed Deputies and Investigators. Tadlock was chased into his residence where he locked himself inside of the bathroom.

Tadlock was taken into custody a very short time later.

Smith County Jail
Smith County Jail

The search warrant was conducted at the residence and a pickup was located inside the shop area. Smith County Investigators were able to determine that the truck was reported stolen to the Tyler Police Department.

Tadlock was taken to the Smith County Jail and booked in for the Theft of Property warrant with a bond of $250,000.

Other items were located and seized as evidence. Through information gathered as well as additional evidence, Investigators were also able to secure felony theft warrants for 2 more men.

38-Year-Old Nicolas Burkhart Is Still Wanted By Sheriffs.


Investigators obtained information to link Jacob Tadlock and Nicolas Burkhart to the theft of a now recovered tow truck valued at $137,000. Burkhart is still outstanding on the warrant.

The tow truck was subsequently used in the attempted theft of an ATM which was reported to the Tyler Police Department. Both the theft of the tow truck and the attempted ATM theft are actively being investigated by the Smith County Sheriff’s Office Property Crimes Division.

38-Year-Old Jeremy Erwin Was One Of The Men Arrested.

Smith County Jail
Smith County Jail

Erwin was taken into custody as well but its unknown what his role in the investigation.

From the totality of the operation, Smith County Investigators were effectively able to secure a felony theft warrant, obtain two additional search warrants for recovered evidence, and recover a stolen vehicle which cleared a case for the Tyler Police Department.

Smith County Sheriff Larry Smith says that this continues to be an active investigation and additional charges are expected.

There Were 64 Felony Arrests In Smith County In Last Week Of February

The following individuals were recently arrested and booked into the and received at least one felony charge. These individuals are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Some individuals have posted bail and are out of jail at this time while others are waiting for a bond hearing or court date. Some charges have may have been dropped after this article was posted. Some of the individuals below were detained by Smith County deputies and are being held on a US Marshal, Federal, or Immigration detainer. All information was obtained through an open records request and provided by the Smith County Sheriff's Office.

Gallery Credit: Smith County Sheriff's Office

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