There's plenty of places to shop in Texas isn't there?

From big brands to local businesses, there's a shopping area for everyone to enjoy. With so many options, everybody has their top choice to go to for a certain item. But when one place becomes the place everyone goes, others are lost in the shuffle.

It's always to sad to see when a business one likes has to close due to any reason. People lose their jobs, Texans lose their favorite place to shop, and it overall just stinks. So individuals are left with the memories the business brought them.

But, sometimes, the moment arises when a shopping center could make a return. But, then the question is brought up if that place could come back in some fashion. This situation has arisen, but will Texas see this store again?

A Grocery Store Revival Possible In Texas?

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First, what brand is making a comeback you ask? None other than Ames. The last time many in the nation talked about Ames was 2002, when the company shut down all of its locations.

Since then, rumblings of the store making a return were heard, but it seemed that they nothing more than just that: rumors. But now, it seems like things are back on track for the revival.

Recently, on a website for the company, plans were stated for the store to make its grand return in 2026. At the time of writing, 35 locations across the nation are set to be built and opened by the end of 2027. Further stores are set to appear in 2028.

What isn't known at the time of writing where the stores will be exactly. Would you like to see a Ames in Texas? Let us know by sending us a message on our FREE station app! 

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