One Dallas, Texas grocery store is towering above the rest after successfully breaking a Guinness World Record!

Texas is not stranger to Guinness World Records- so it is true when they say that everything is bigger in Texas! And that's just what El Rio Grande Latin Market in Dallas proved to everyone during their Cinco De Mayo epic event.

Texas Grocer Breaks Guinness World Record for Largest Fruit Display

So just how did El Rio Grande Market achieve this? With an enormous display of avocados- yes avocados are a fruit! I don't think anything can prepare you for what you're about to see- but check out just how gargantuan this display truly was!

Holy guacamole! I'll stop with the avocado puns. But seriously; how many avocados is too many avocados?! The limit does not exist! Imagine trying to find the perfect avocado among this behemoth of a display? How would one even begin to search? Imagine all the guacamole you could make with all these?

Gil Ndjouwou via Unsplash

So just how many avocados are on display here? El Rio Grande used 301,000 avocados for their display; they all weighed in at 86,764 pounds. El Rio Grande received a certification from a representative from the Guinness World Record, who inspected the display for perfection.

According to their LinkedIn, it took El Rio Grande seven years to achieve this record.

So, who previously held this record? According to, the record was previously held by Del Monte Fresh Produce and Jewel-Osco in Westmont, Il. On June 8, 2022, Del Monte put on a display consisting of  211,000 bananas. also says that the avocados sold for five for $1- what a bargain!

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