Alright, so we’ve heard about red flags when it comes to relationships, but what about red flags when it comes to a person’s home.

A few people online decided to start a thread where they shared what they would consider “red flags” that they noticed when they visited someone’s house for the first time.

Of course right off the bat you would think that a dirty house would be the only red flag any person would have to worry about, but I decided to ask the people of El Paso what they considered an instant home red flag and immediately I felt attacked!

 While some of these red flags I didnt agree with, there were a few that had me chuckling and shaking my head in agreement. 


Take a look at the top 10 Red Home Flags according to El Pasoans:

  1. Neglected Pets: Nothing says "red flag" like a litter box that seems stuck in a time warp. Proper pet care is a must!
  1. Political Banners: I mean…. 
  1. Bathroom Hand Soap Absence: No hand soap in the bathroom? Yikes. Cleanliness starts with the basics.
  1. Hand Towel Dilemma: Not having hand towels or, worse, having dirty ones? That's a no-go zone.
  1. Toilet Troubles: A dirty toilet is not just a minor inconvenience; it's a red flag waving boldly, according to El Pasoans.
  1. Trash Overload: Trash piling up beyond the can's capacity? Not a good look.
Full trash can
  1. Clutter vs. Hoarding: Clutter is one thing, but hoarding? It shouldn't cross the line into "gross" territory.
  1. Unsecured Guns: Safety first! Guns should always be secured and out of reach.
gun with bullets on steel
Sascha Burkard
  1. Cliché Decor: "Live, Laugh, Love" signs might have had their moment, but are they a red flag? Some say yes, others debate. (I felt the most attacked by this one!)
  1. Excessive Decor: Remember, moderation is key when it comes to decor. Too much of anything might set off those red flag alarms.
ZIllow - Laurie Wall - The Wall Team Realty Assoc Mary Ruth Reeves
ZIllow - Laurie Wall - The Wall Team Realty Assoc
Mary Ruth Reeves


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