Why has the City of Tyler, Texas Mayor Don Warren invited the great Dolly Parton to come visit East Texas?

I love this so much.

First of all, kudos to the Mayor of Tyler for dreaming big and reaching out to a living legend like Dolly Parton via a post shared via the City of Tyler, Texas Government Facebook page. Also, our fingers are crossed that she sees the video and decides to come down...again. After all, Dolly Parton has been here before, ya know?

Yep, at least once that we know of, for sure. And likely more than that.

When and why was Dolly Parton in Tyler, Texas?

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Well, that brings us to the 'why' Mayor Don Warren has asked her back.

In 1972, Dolly Parton performed at the Mayfair Building. Gosh, I wish I could've seen that. And since now, happily, the City of Tyler is celebrating the grand opening of the Mayfair Building (2.0), it only makes sense that Dolly Parton might come down and grace us with her delightful, musical presence yet again.

Here's the original post including the video:

We also love the Mayor of Tyler's clever wordplay in the way he incorporated names of Dolly Parton songs into his request for her to join in celebrating the Mayfair Building and blessing it with her music.

Many of the commenters on the post were quick to support the Mayor's efforts. Some even volunteered to reach out to her management company to encourage them to show it to her. Several even tagged her in their comments.

Shall we join them? Hey, every little bit helps.

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