There are a couple of creative and inventive people in Jacksonville, Texas. Not only do they run a successful outdoorsman business but they have come up with a neat invention that can assist hunters when they need to "do their business" in the woods. When you see the invention, you will definitely have one of those "Why didn't I think of that?" moments. The invention is called the Krapp Strapp (great name) and the invention became so popular that the producers of Shark Tank invited the business owners on the show to make a pitch for investment.

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Air Boss Motion Decoys in Jacksonville

For the hunters in East Texas, needing to go in the woods can be a bit of a pain both figurative and literal. That's where Keith Lindsey and Bob Legg of Air boss Outdoors in Jacksonville come in. For the most part, their number one product is waterfowl decoys for the duck hunters that move on top of the water to help attract a duck. They have lots of other hunting necessities, apparel and other items on their website at It's their unique invention that has caught the eye of many hunters not only in East Texas, but across the country, and even got the attention of a popular television show.

Krapp Strapp

The invention that has caught a lot of eyes is called the Krapp Strapp. In a nutshell, this apparatus offers a big assist when you need to go number two while out in the woods going after that prize buck. It's a rather simple but very clever invention. Check out the video below to see what I'm typing about:

Shark Tank

This has become a popular product for many outdoorsman in East Texas and beyond. That popularity attracted the attention of the producers for the popular entrepreneur show Shark Tank ( Keith Lindsey and Bob Legg got to film an episode with their pitch to the sharks. It will air November 3 on KLTV. They can't say if a shark invested until after the episode airs but I would think that one of them did.

Great Product Made in East Texas

This is a great product for any outdoorsman. If you want to get your own, head over to The Krapp Strapp is manufactured in Jacksonville and shipped out of Jacksonville. I don't need to be an avid outdoorsman to see that this is a great product.

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