Jason Witten is without question one of the greatest players to wear a Dallas Cowboys uniform. He has spent a total of 17 seasons in the NFL and will most likely end up in the football hall of fame. January 27, Witten announced he was retiring from the NFL, but not to return to the broadcasting booth like he did after his first retirement, but to coach high school football in North Texas.

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Liberty Christian School is excited to announce our new Head Football Coach Jason Witten. Jason, former Dallas Cowboy tight end and long-time Liberty parent will be joining the Liberty Christian coaching staff as Head Football Coach. It’s a great day to be a Warrior!

Witten closes out his football career with 74 touchdowns, fifth all time among tight ends. He also holds the record for the most games played by any tight end at 271 games. He missed one game in his 17 year career, in 2003 after fracturing his jaw. Good luck to Jason as he begins his coaching career. This could be the kickoff to an eventual job leading the Cowboys. We'll see.

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