A first-time kayaker had a close encounter with a great white shark off the coast of Massachusetts over the weekend. Beach goers were the first to spot the shark following the kayaker Saturday afternoon. Think of the music theme from the movie Jaws!Two men on the beach starting yelling to get the kayakers attention. WHDH.com quoted Walter Szulc Jr., of Manchester, N.H.,:

"It was good-sized, it had a fin sticking out, so I just turned and paddled."

Since June 30, three sharks have been spotted in the waters off Cape Cod for food, but the beach has yet to be closed. The large number of seals in the area is believed to be drawing the sharks.

The harbormaster confirmed the sighting and noted the shark was 12 to 14 feet long.

The last shark attack on a human in the area was in 1936, when a man was killed swimming near Mattapoisett.

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