From American Idol fame to making it in the country music biz, Kellie Pickler has come a long way and learned a lot on the ride. I'm looking forward to Kellie Pickler's third album due in stores tomorrow, January, 24th. "100 Proof"  shows off the singer - songwriter's twang more than ever and takes you back to the great classic - country that so many us grew up with. This album may even remind some of you of Loretta Lynn or Dolly Parton.

The Boot asked Kellie if there was pressure to make this album more contemporary.

Kellie replied "I didn't do this record for what I think people are gonna like." "I want this generation to know her and appreciate her style of music like I do."

When asked what her hopes are for this new album, Kellie just answered honestly like she always does. "I don't expect anyone to love this record. But I love it. I lived up to my expectations on it, and I'm very proud of this album, regardless of how it does."

I think we could all live our lives that way, if you're happy with your life, then that should be enough.

I've decided I  like Kellie Pickler.

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