Nearly six weeks after Stephen Baldwin attempted to sue him, Kevin Costner has decided to pursue legal action against the Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves producers -- more than two decades after the blockbuster movie first hit movie theaters. For what? Costner says they owe him money, that's what.

Costner's claim? The past two years Morgan Creek Productions have "delayed, obfuscated, concealed and reneged" when it has come to paying him his rightful share of the film's profits.

Furthermore he believes they have "intentionally concealed information and employed inaccurate and improper accounting practices designed to deprive Costner of his backend participation."

All I want is my time back for watching part of the "The Postman" that one time -- Costner! Can you give me that? What a horrible and long movie. Am I right?

I suppose we'll have to see who gets what they feel owed first. I'm not holding my breath though.