Recently the Kilgore, Texas Police Department shared a post regarding an alleged fraud that took place at Brookshire's.

Take a look at the photo (if you can.) But don't miss the comments--they're hilarious.

And the comments aren't hilarious because anyone is laughing at the suspect. They're laughing at the absurdly bad quality of the surveillance camera. And frankly, we see this on such a regular basis I can't really blame them. The irony just isn't lost on many of us that the very equipment that we count on to catch criminal activity offers some of the worst quality footage since the year 1987.

And we're not singling out any one business--it's like this at SO many.

It makes one wonder: is this one of the reasons people feel at least semi-comfortable in committing alleged crimes at our East Texas businesses? Is it because they, too, know how bad the cameras are sometimes?

But first the primary issue at hand: Do you recognize this woman suspect of fraud at the Brookshire's in Kilgore, Texas?

Here's a photo. Take a look. (Here: we've lightened up one of them for you so you can ya know actually SEE it.)

KIlgore Police Dept.
KIlgore Police Dept.
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Kilgore Police say they're "seeking to identify the following individual involved in a Fraud at Brookshire's. If you have any information regarding this individual's identity, Please contact Detective Joseph Johnston at 903-218-6906 or"

And as always, all suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

Some of the comments on this post were hilarious, though. We've picked a few for your perusal. Let's take a quick look:

Kilgore, TX Police Looking for Suspect But the Comments are Hilarious

The irony isn't lost on many that the cameras we count on to catch criminal activity offer some of the worst quality footage since the year 1987.

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