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As you set out to do your holiday shopping and find that perfect gift before it's no longer available thanks to the ongoing global supply chain issue, knowing what day of the week it is this time of the year could mean saving you some money.

I once was that person that bought the Tyler paper to form a plan of attack to get the best deal beginning at midnight when the true Black Friday sales began years ago. But after things got a bit out of hand at the Walmart on South Broadway a few years ago, I've opted out of the madness. However, the madness and crowds still go on although it changed a bit over the last year due to the pandemic.

In an effort to squeeze every dollar out of you that they can, retailers have been bombarding us with Black Friday sales since right before Halloween. I for one will be glad when Black Friday is over and done with because as the term entails, it should only be one day - Friday, but I digress. Knowing what day of the week it is though could save you quite a bit of money when purchasing those holiday gifts.

Vector Illustration Black Friday Neon Light.
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Let's kick things off with Black Friday, traditionally the biggest shopping day in retail when the big guys place hundreds of thousands of items on sale to lure you in to spend your money with them. Retailers like JCPenny, Best Buy, Target, and others bank on this day to be huge because it could make or break the year for them.

Small Business Saturday in wood type
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Next is Small Business Saturday. Created by a credit card company to focus on and show support for local businesses who felt left out from all the attention that the major retailers received on Black Friday.

As for Sunday, recharge those batteries, watch some football because Cyber Monday is just a few hours away.

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Retailers will be enticing you to open up and dig into your wallet and spend more money with them on Cyber Monday. Online retailers, big-box retailers, and even small businesses will run even more specials and sales exclusively online as they continue with holiday sales.

Giving Tuesday handwriting in an art sketchbook
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Once the spending subsides, it's time to turn to your philanthropic side to support local non-profits and charities on Giving Tuesday. These organizations are here year-round and do their best to support those in need within our communities and they are looking for support as well and deserve it. Organizations like the East Texas Food Bank, the DreamCenter in Longview, Helping Hands of Kilgore, and countless others throughout East Texas.

As a recap, here's what you need to know - eat shop, shop small, rest, shop online, give back.

  • Black Friday
  • Small Business Saturday
  • Sunday - relax (for now)
  • Cyber Monday
  • Giving Tuesday
  • Wednesday - back to work to make up for the money you just spent the last five days

So once you get up from the Thanksgiving dinner table and you think about your holiday shopping, just know what day it is and how you could be saving some money, because time is ticking and the gift-giving exchanging is just days away.

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