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Don't let your 'Black Friday' turn into a 'Brown Friday'.

With Thanksgiving less than a week away at this point, we're pretty sure we know who all is going to be in town and have planned out the menu and know who's bringing what to the Thanksgiving table for lunch or dinner. We also know who's going to be staying where and with who while in town.

If you're playing host to not only for Thanksgiving dinner but also to house guests your home is going to be put to the test which could cause some issues, however, if you take a few steps and make some adjustments you just might avoid making a call to a licensed plumber on Friday.

Plumbers often refer to 'Black Friday' as 'Brown Friday' because they receive so many calls the Friday and weekend after Thanksgiving because a homeowner has encountered a plumbing issue. The issue could be easy to remedy or be quite costly. If you take a few steps and do, or not do, in some cases, you could be avoiding a phone call to a plumber on 'Brown Friday'.

All that meal prepping and kitchen cleanup could do a number on your pipes. In addition to your temporary house guests, your sewer system is going to get a workout from all the additional flushes, showers, and a few more loads of laundry. To keep 'Brown Friday' at bay, you and your guests might spread out the times you shower and those loads of laundry and you might want to have a plunger on standby in the bathroom just in case your guests need it. You'll avoid that awkward conversation with someone if they really need it!

As far as your kitchen pipes go, scroll through the following to see what Thanksgiving menu items should not be put in the disposal or down the drain. This will save you a call to a plumber on 'Brown Friday' too.

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Don't let your 'Black Friday' turn into a 'Brown Friday' or any day turn into a 'Brown Friday'. Keep these things out of your kitchen drain and disposal.

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