With MLB's Opening Day next week, what better time than now to take a look back at this video of Koe Wetzel launching a baseball into the stratosphere above San Angelo, TX?

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Back before Koe Wetzel signed his record deal with Columbia Records, and before he had photo shoots with ponies while wearing silk button-ups, you know that he was still putting in work. Every day. Even on the field.

While in The Concho Valley for a concert in 2018, Wetzel stopped by Angelo State University Rams batting practice, and in true Koe fashion sent a ball into outerspace. Legend has it they still use that Koe ball at the International Space Station to play catch.

And speaking of baseball, Koe will head out on his 'Ballpark Tour 2021'  in April and he's locked in some great talent to perform with him.

Kolby Cooper will be joining Koe for the Tulsa show on April 10th. Cooper released his last full-length album, Good Ones Never Last, two summers ago. The project featured several big songs including: "Diamond Rings and Cocaine," "Tired," and his Tom Petty tribute, "Tom Petty." His newest EP, Vol. 2, features "If I Still Had It" and "2 Words," the new project is tremendous and finds Cooper hitting his stride and finding new levels.

Chris Colston will join Koe in San Antonio on March 24th. Colston burst onto the Texas music scene two years ago with his first EP Gone. Last summer, on June 26th, his first full-length album, Bombs Away, was released. The East Texas native has built a solid fan-base, and has already accumulated three million streams across all platforms. His latest single "Slow" is out to radio now.

Pecos & The Rooftops will be heading to Amarillo to play with Koe on May 1st, at Hodgetown Stadium. Released back in April of 2019, their debut song "This Damn Song" has become a viral hit. The tune is approaching 21 million streams on Spotify, and nearly two years after its release it is still being streamed 60-70k every day.

Koe's new project, Sellout, was released in late 2020 and includes his brand new song “Good Die Young,” as well as the two tracks he released last summer “Kuntry & Wistern” and “Sundy or Mundy.”

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