Over the weekend Kolby shared his stage with a newly engaged couple at his Floore's Country Store in Helotes, TX... And now everyone will be looking to get engaged at Kolby Cooper shows hoping to share a dance on stage.

What a great story.

You know for years, and it probably still is, Cody Johnson's "Diamond in My Pocket" was a go-to for engagements in the Texas scene. I know firsthand at nearly all of his shows he'd get a few requests to facilitate a proposal, something that after a while they just had to stop doing.

But maybe we've got a new proposal song here.

On Saturday (8/20) a couple of Kolby Cooper fans were engaged during his concert. But that's just the beginning. As soon as Kolby realized what was happening he invited the newly engaged pair on stage to dance as he sang what I can only imagine will be there song forever, “Fall.”

Turns out Justin Tennison had proposing to Victoria Gonzales all planned out.. the dancing on stage was just a cherry on top. Tennison told Country Insider he chose the song because it was playing when he and Gonzalez kissed for the first time. “I waited for the chorus, then I tapped her on the back. When she turned around, I was on one knee with the ring in my hand.”

While we haven't gotten confirmation that she said "yes!" judging by the pictures I think it's safe to assume that she did. Congratulations, y'all!

Kolby Cooper's brand new album, Boy From Anderson County To The Moon, landed August 19th. It features several songs we know and love, alongside a bunch of new tracks. And if you missed the news, Cooper will make his Grand Ole Opry debut on September 10th.

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