The first time Kolby Cooper stopped by Radio Texas, LIVE! he was over a year away from being able to buy a beer in the bars that he was already selling out. Now, here we are three years later and family man from Tyler, TX has carved out a great spot for himself in the Texas scene, and yes to steal a phrase he really likes -- all the way to the moon.

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At just 23, Cooper has already built a reputation as a compelling storyteller. One that can masterfully walk a line between heartsick rip your heart out ballads, angsty f*ck offs to an ex, and introspective looks into how to become a better man.

It's no wonder he's one of the hottest acts we play here, or that he's already amassed more than 110 million Spotify streams, is playing sold-out show around the country, and last month made his Grand Ole Opry debut.

His new album, Boy From Anderson County To The Moon, landed August 19th, and it is out of this world.

Boy From Anderson County To The Moon:

1. “Are We On Fire” (Kolby Cooper, Jordan Walker)
2. “Excuses” (Kolby Cooper, Brett Tyler, Jordan Walker)
3. “Breaking News” (Kolby Cooper, Troy Verges, Jake Mitchell)
4. “Storm’s Coming” (Kolby Cooper, Brett Tyler, Ross Cooperman, Michael Hardy)
5. “Woke Up Hungover” (Kolby Cooper, Hunter Phelps, Brent Anderson)
6. “Stars Fall Down” (Kolby Cooper, Jordan Walker, Jacob Davis)
7. “Way To Go” (Kolby Cooper, Mike Walker, Josh Jenkins)
8. “Just A Door” (Kolby Cooper, Jordan Walker)
9. “This Song Don’t Make No Sense” (Kolby Cooper, Jordan Walker, Matt McKinney)
10. “Her Favorite Songs” (Kolby Cooper, Jordan Walker, Jacob Davis)
11. “Good For You” (Kolby Cooper, Jameson Rodgers, Brent Anderson)
12. “Boy From Anderson County” (Kolby Cooper, Jordan Walker)
13. “To The Moon” (Kolby Cooper, Thomas Archer, Jordan Walker, Ray Fulcher)

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