Everyone needs a hobby. Some people like to collect stuff, like myself. Some people like to learn to do stuff. Others, like to make stuff. For Big D of the Big D and Bubba show, he likes to make candles.

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When you listen to the show and he starts talking about them and the various smells he can create, you want one. He's got the typical vanilla, sunflower and purple smells for the ladies but he's also got some candles for the dudes, too.

Oh yeah. Big D can make smells like tobacco, fresh cut grass, wood and other man smells. You can even buy candles through Big D and Bubba's website. Big D has had some requests to show how he makes his candles. He sat down and made a video of how he does his hobby. Check it out above and maybe get some inspiration to start a new hobby.

Bubba, Patrick and Carsen were excited when Big D announced he was going to sit down and make some more candles. They all got together and put in for the flavors they wanted. Carsen was interested in just about anything fall scented. Bubba and Patrick opted for just "man smells". Big D even brought up that he wants to try to replicate the smell of his mom canning during the summer. My mom did that growing up, that smell would be pretty awesome.

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