Texas is a state that is home to huge metropolises and quaint and cozy small towns. The big cities offer a lot of entertainment and events and shopping and yes, even some headaches. The small towns of Texas offer a slow down to life and culture and a cozy feeling and a uniqueness to each one. A lot of those small towns are in East Texas. So today I thought it would be fun to learn the brief history of ten of these small towns under a population of 1,000 in East Texas.

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A Native East Texan

For us native East Texans, we like to make fun of our little portion of Texas. Sure, some of that is warranted but all in all, East Texas is a great place to live. I, for one, was born and raised in Lindale, lived in Tyler for about 20 years and recently moved back to Lindale. I love my little hometown and how much it has grown. Others may disagree with me but that's okay.

Music and Hollywood Celebrities

East Texas is also the home to several celebrities. Country singer Neal McCoy is an easily recognizable name. Born in Jacksonville and calls Longview home, he rose to fame in the 1990's with his high energy shows and catchy songs. Lindale's Miranda Lambert is another huge country star from East Texas. Matthew McConaughey is a huge Hollywood actor from Longview. This isn't even the start of that list.

Professional Athletes

Athletes like Adrian Peterson from Palestine made a mark in the NFL for many years. Whitehouse's Patrick Mahomes is the new face of the NFL after the retirement of Tom Brady. Bert Coan from Timpson and Max McGee from Overton played in Super Bowl I. A.J. Minter from Tyler and Brandon Belt from Nacogdoches have made their mark in Major League Baseball.

Small Towns of East Texas

So yes, East Texas has been the home of celebrities and professional athletes but that doesn't tell the full story of our area, especially from the smallest of towns in our area. Below I take a look at 10 East Texas towns with a population under 1,000 and tell a brief history of how they got started.

Learn a Brief History of 10 East Texas Towns Under a Population of 1,000

Texas is a state that is home to huge metropolises and quaint and cozy small towns. A lot of those small towns are in East Texas. Let's learn the brief history of some of these small towns under a population of 1,000.

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10 Things Every East Texas Small Town has in Common

Whether growing to big for it's britches or staying the lovely small that it is, every small town has these things in common. I'm picking on my hometown of Lindale, but for this list, you will find something very similar in your small town, if not all of them.

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