A Jacksonville, Texas woman was raving online recently regarding her experience with a lifeguard at Buckner Pool who definitely takes his important job seriously.

I love coming across posts such as this one. It's so encouraging to read about those who take the work they do to heart and seek to do that work to the very best of their ability.

Swimming is one of our favorite summer pastimes in East Texas, for sure. But as many of us know, when it comes to children and pools, we do have to be careful and keep a close eye on them. At public pools, we have the added safety of lifeguards.

I remember one time when I was around 5 years old, my family and I were staying at a hotel in South Padre Island when I found myself in too deep of water. My parents were close by but had started talking for just a few moments. But those few moments were all the time needed for me to start going underwater and flailing my arms for help.

Just a few moments later, I was coughing and sputtering but I was being rescued by the lifeguard at the pool. My parents were so grateful--and obviously, so was I.

Lifeguards stand between families and potential tragedies at our public pools in East Texas. Who knows how many lives have been saved by these everyday heroes?

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Here's a great example of the important work our lifeguards do every day:

A woman named Kathryn Akers shared her experience she had recently at Buckner Pool in Jacksonville, TX. She was so impressed by the young man working as a lifeguard there that she wanted to publicly praise him in an online forum. She wasn't sure of his first name, but she said his last name is 'Glover.'

Akers wrote that she'd taken her 7-year-old granddaughter swimming at Buckner Pool for the first time. While her granddaughter swam, Akers sought out a more shady area that was set back a little further from the pool but where she could still clearly watch her.

At one point during their visit, she lost sight of her granddaughter in the pool so she began to walk closer to make sure she knew where she was and that she was okay.

The lifeguard then began chatting with her and she relayed to him that she couldn't see her granddaughter. The young man immediately pointed her out in the pool and further comforted Akers by letting her know that he keeps his eyes on every person in the pool at all times. Wow--kudos.

Akers then asked the young man how he was able to keep track of the more than 30 people in the pool and he told her something along the lines of this:

"When I'm here, it's my pool. And these are my people. I have to know where they are."

What a relief to know that there are people like this.

Kathryn Akers shared her appreciation for this young man and said she believes his "attitude and work ethic are going to take him far."

Well said, Kathryn. We appreciate him, too. Thank you to all of our fellow East Texans who work to protect those around you. You are, truly, everyday heroes.

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