We've already witnessed the creation of the Texas scented candle, but these candles going viral on reddit are more 'Texas' than ever.

It won't take long to figure out why these are Texas candles. Pictured are beer bottle-turned candle holders from:

  • Lone Star Brewing Company headquartered in San Antonio
  • Shiner Bock, which is brewed in, yes you guessed it , Shiner, TX
  • Firemans #4 brewed in Blanco, TX

Texas redditers have commented on how they hope it smells like beer and sawdust and one even told the user who posted the photo that those edges look jagged and that a little emery cloth would take care of that. Ya gotta love people's capacity to want to help even on the Internet.

What do you think about these DIY candle holders? Interested? Because there's a great video below that will show you how to make these with little to no trouble, depending on how handy of a person you are.

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