Hello to the great folks in my hometown of Lindale. My little 'ol town continues to see big growth both in population and in business, which is great. Of course with that growth comes big rumors. Two big rumors are circulating online of a couple of different big stores coming to the I-20 / Highway 69 corridor.

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Just recently, Chick-Fil-A opened in the Southeast corner of I-20 and 69. Right behind Chick-Fil-A, Panda Express is set to open very soon. The beginning of 2021 saw the opening of QuikTrip in the Northeast corner of the I-20 and 69 intersection. That's three huge and very well known brands added to the Lindale area.

There is a new bank going in next Little Caesars and some new construction next to Shlotzsky's adding to all the growth going on in the area, too. A couple of big rumors have begun to circulate online, particularly on the Speak Up Lindale Facebook Group, Costco and Target are coming.

That's some rumors that are big in both store, and rumor, size.

The post begins with a question of if it's confirmed that a Costco is going in in the area in the Southern end of the same lot that Chick-Fil-A and Panda Express are in. While no actual confirmation could be obtained, it is clear by the comments that a Costco would be well received in that area.

Others commented that it's possible Target could be going into that location. To be honest, that would make a whole lot of sense being that there is a Target distribution center just a couple of miles West of that area.

Among the other answers that were dropped in the post, Waffle House (I'd drive to Lindale for that), Radio Shack and Blockbuster (someone's been messing around in their Delorean again). No matter, these rumors are huge and I honestly hope either of these comes to fruition. Keep up the growth Lindale.

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