Hello to the great folks in my hometown of Lindale, Texas. My little 'ol town continues to see big growth both in population and in business, which is great. Of course with that growth comes big rumors. The latest rumors that continue to circulate are of three big brands coming to the little I-20 town.

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Growth of Interstate 20 and Highway 69 Corridor

The area of Interstate 20 and Highway 69 is chalk full of new business. Chick-Fil-A in the southeast corner of I-20 and 69 with Panda Express right behind Chick-Fil-A. QuikTrip in the northeast corner of I-20 and 69 intersection is never not busy. Just within the last couple of months, a combo Whataburger/Shell gas station has opened in the southwest corner of I-20 and 69 as did a new car wash. These are all great stops for anyone traveling the interstate.

All this new growth means that rumors will abound to what's coming next. While there is no construction or land clearing (at least for commercial use) to speak of, that hasn't stopped the rumors of some big businesses coming to the small town.

These Rumblings are Big in Both Store and Rumor Size

Costco has long been rumored to be coming to Tyler. That really took off when plans for the area across from the Village at Cumberland Park were revealed with a Costco logo placed on the map. That has since been debunked. However, there is plenty of open space still available in Lindale for a store the size of Costco. The thing about this rumor is that Costco probably would not select a town with a population of 6,000 to build in. It would have to be Tyler. Nothing wrong with dreaming big Lindale.


Since Lindale is home to a Target distribution center, the rumor of a Target store being built nearby has always been strong and makes a lot of sense. While another Target would be very welcome in East Texas, especially with how crowded the Tyler location is, I don't see this happening in Lindale either.


As far as the Buc-ee's rumors, those are probably the strongest and most likely. With the way Buc-ee's is building and expanding, I could see Lindale as a perfect spot to build. I still believe the ideal spot would be where Toll 49 meets Interstate 20. The potential for jobs in the area just from the above three rumors would be huge as well. We'll just have to wait and see I guess.

Other Construction

In the meantime, Lindale residents can watch what's being done on F.M. 16 just west of the stadium and that new residential neighborhood being built on Brickyard Road. Keep up the growth Lindale.

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