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You could play a game with your friends with the audio from this TikTok video, kind of like what they do on 'America's Funniest Videos', 'Name That Sound'.

Living in an apartment complex you are without a doubt going to have your fair share of rowdy neighbors from time to time, it's just a given, they're going to be loud and hopefully, that's on occasion. Now when you have a pet dog, you have to be conscious of how much noise they make and how often or when they're barking because you don't want your dog to be disturbing your neighbors, especially when you're not home.

Now if I were living in this apartment complex and heard that sound from across the parking lot, I would be calling the police to report that someone in the complex is abusing their pet. This dog clearly sounds like it's in distress. In reality, though it's just chilling on the second-story balcony just trying to get someone's attention. The owner caught her French Bulldog making this strange sound as people walked by the balcony below. After hearing it the tenant is wondering how long it will be before she gets kicked out of the apartment.

With more than 3.4 million views, listen to the noise that comes out of this dog's mouth.

@waltergeoffrey Raise your hand if you think we’re getting kicked out of this apartment… 🙋‍♂️ #foryou #fyp #dogsofttiktok #frenchie ♬ original sound - waltergeoffrey

If you've spent any time at all on TikTok, you know you can't stop at one video. Well, that was me this afternoon. After scrolling for a short bit I ran across another extremely funny dog video. This video has been seen by more than 3.9 million. It shows a lady trying to lure her dog back into the house but is afraid to go through the open door. He continues to feel for the glass door, which is obviously open but doesn't trust that it's open. According to the caption, 'Once you run into a glass door, you develop trust issues. That is apparent with this dog. It's worth watching for a quick laugh.

@happy.trollo i'm speechless still. i woke up to 100k followers. Now i'm at 122k. WHATS GOING ON?? #BenefitOfBrows #wholesome #foryou #fyp ♬ Bubblegum by Clairo - Jem

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