I'm not sure why people are so lazy, but I'm tired of seeing here in East Texas. While I haven't lived here as long as many others, I still have a lot of pride in living here now. I'm not going to do something to disrespect our community like throwing trash from my vehicle, and I would expect this from others. But unfortunately I've seen multiple vehicles throw garbage from their vehicle and I am not going to let it go anymore. From now on, if I see anyone throwing trash out of their car or truck I will be taking pictures and putting them on blast through our social media channels.

It took me a while to come up with this plan but I see this as being the best plan for dealing with this problem in East Texas. Last week I was leaving Pets Fur People and I saw a guy in a large truck throw a large Styrofoam cup out of the drivers window. This week I was leaving Planet Fitness in Tyler and saw someone throw their plastic eating utensils out the window. Everywhere has a garbage can, just throw away your garbage when you arrive at your next destination. It's not that hard.

I'm Never Going to Chase Someone Down for Littering

While I would have loved to chase after these litterbugs, I realize most people in Texas (myself included) carry a firearm and I'm not looking to fight anyone over their laziness. But I'm not afraid to call someone out for being a jerk either.

This is Your Warning

If you litter, I want to be fair and give you the heads up that I will take a picture of your vehicle and blast you online for being a litterbug. Yeah, I will blur out your license plate but I will be posting pictures of vehicles. You probably won't care, but I'm tired of seeing your garbage on the side of our streets. Consider this your warning.

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