Little leaguers in Redlands, California have gone almost all season without uniforms, a snack bar, or even a bathroom.

We may now know why.

Redlands East Valley Little League treasurer Kathrine Burrola has admitted to embezzling over $5,000 out of the league’s fund, stating that she had stolen the money because she had been out of work for two years.

Then, after promising to pay it back, she pulled her son out of the league and vanished.

The league has not only lost all of their money, but now it can’t afford to maintain its bathrooms or run its largest source of revenue –a snack bar.

After having to consider canceling the entire season, league board members put up $3,000 of their own money in order to keep it going. A large portion of the money went into making sure players had uniforms in time for the start of the season.

Redlands police are currently investigating. If you’d like to help the league, click here.

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